Quality Collision Repair

At Emerald Coast Collision Repair in Fort Walton Beach, FL, we have highly skilled professionals in all aspects of auto body collision repair.

Our services include frame repair & frame straightening, metal repair including welding, aluminum repair, aluminum welding, suspension repair, alignment, tire and wheel services, and auto body painting. We are Ford Aluminum Certified, something we highly pride ourselves on at Emerald Coast Collision Repair.

Auto Body Panel Repair

Auto Body Panel Repair or Replacement in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Auto body panel repair or replacement involves the complete replacement or repair of a portion of your vehicle. Replacement is required when an area is too damaged to return to the normal working state and would be better off with a full replacement. Replacement of an auto body panel may be less expensive and more time-efficient than repair of a certain area. Auto body panel repair and replacement can be done on the hood, trunk lid, bumper, fender, quarter panel, door, and other areas of your vehicle.

Auto Detailing

DETAILING SERVICES OFFERED (20% Discount for cars being repaired)

Hand Wash, Wax-Buff and Vacuum, Steam Clean Carpet, Mats & Upholstery, Wipe Down Interior, Clean Windows, Door Jams, Clean Wheels Tires and Tire Shine, Condition Dash, Steam Clean Engine Compartment.

Hand Wash Wax and Vacuum, Steam Clean Carpet, Mats & Upholstery, Wipe Down Interior, Clean Windows, Door Jams, Clean Wheels Tires/Tire Shine, Condition Dash.

Hand Wash and Vacuum, Wipe Down Interior, Clean Windows, Door Jams, Clean Wheels Tires/Tire Shine, Condition Dash, Steam Clean Mats.

Hand Wash and Vacuum, Wipe Down Interior, Clean Windows, Door Jams, Clean Wheels and Tires.

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Auto Painting

Auto Painting On The Emerald Coast

Whether your vehicle needs simple paint repair on scratches and dents, or it needs a full paint job due to major damage or an auto accident, Emerald Coast Collision Repair can quickly and professionally repair any paint on your vehicle. We use top of the line equipment and the best in paint manufacturers and brands to ensure a high-quality, durable paint job.

Auto Frame Repair

Auto Frame Alignment, Repair, & Replacement in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Automobile accidents as well as overuse and wear of a vehicle may result in the need for auto frame repairs, replacements, and alignment. At Emerald Coast Collision Repair, we provide affordable, quick, and professional auto frame services for any type of vehicle. Our team uses high-quality structural equipment as well as certified processes and materials to return any vehicle to its normal working state. Auto frames control the vehicle's performance and stability, and we are highly experienced in the multiple types of vehicle frames that require different frame processes. We can straighten frames and tighten the connection between the frame and the rest of the vehicle to properly align the frame. If your frame has minor damage or damage that is beyond repair, we can repair or replace any vehicle frame and ensure we use the best names in auto frame brands and manufacturers that are specifically meant for your type of vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Wheel alignment is important for standard functioning and usage of any type of vehicle. If your automobile has improper wheel alignment, you may experience tire wear and driving that does not seem straight and correct. We can perform wheel alignment services for any vehicle that will professionally and effectively adjust the angles of wheels to the specifications of your exact car type and brand.

Tire Mounting & Balancing

Tire Mounting and Balancing on The Emerald Coast of Florida

Tire mounting and balancing are important for every vehicle, and the team of professional auto repair technicians at Emerald Coast Collision Repair can quickly and effectively mount and balance tires for your automobile. We know that when buying tires, it is vital for the new ones to be installed in the rear of the car, and the older tires should be moved to the front. If the new tires are in the back of your vehicle, your automobile will have better resistance and control on wet or dangerous roads. Mounting tires refers to the process of putting tires on the wheels and then correctly putting those wheels on the axles. Balancing tires is important when getting a tire rotation. Balanced wheels and tires mean that the wheel and the tire are evenly distributed around the axle, so the weight is the same throughout the entire section. Wheels can get unbalanced after tire rotations as well as automobile accidents, and this can result in bumpy driving and excess sound.

Auto Computer Diagnostic

Auto Computer Diagnostic Services in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Auto computer diagnostics refer to using computer systems and other technology to indicate an issue within a vehicle. Computers within your vehicle are made to portray a certain "code" when something is wrong, including when a check engine light comes on. The team of auto repair professionals at Emerald Coast Collision Repair is highly experienced in deciphering the difference between a simple auto computer code and an actual issue. Codes can just be an indicator, and we know how to use this code to guide us directly to the actual root of the light being on or the cause of the issue or possible damage. Our team can also repair and replace computer systems if they are actually damaged and always showing incorrect information. We know how to read warning lights within vehicles and use them to guide us through the process and possibly recommend certain solutions to any issue.

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